Thursday, October 8, 2009

Do unto others...

Devotional is over! Time for lunch. Seeing a young man walking on his way home to Howard's apartments, I realize that the Devotional lecture must have done its work on me. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I pull up a little ways ahead of the suffering walker. I roll down my windows as a little girl petals by on her tiny tricycle. I state clearly, "Hey Bert! Do you want a ride?" ....He continues walking. "Bert!".....He keeps walking. The little girl is about to pass him. "BERT YOUNG DO YOU WANT A RIDE?!!! BERT!!!" The little girl immediately falls off her bike from the shock of some stranger yelling so abruptly out a window. ...Bert keeps walking despite the sudden flash of pink ribbons all over the sidewalk and the crash of one tricycle wheel coming off the sidewalk. Bert walks to the corner and I see him pop out his ear phones. Its funny what you miss when your I-pod on...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The perfect man: Does He exist?

Radio static, a broken speedometer, passing a sea of desolate cooked bushes and white sand least the AC works. The previous weekend is the only thing I can focus on. Thoughts about my nephews baby blessing, my oldest brothers birthday, my wonderful family and their wives, the missed brother, Christmas gift ideas, yearbook cover, my parents. Everything getting turned over in my mind and meditating on the wonderful time I spent with my family, and what a relief it was to see them. Roll down the windows to dry the gratitude falling off my face. One conversation kept coming to mind.
Jason asked me, "How are the boys in your life?"
"They're not." I reply.
"Whys that?" He asks.
"If you could rap up my four brothers into one man, and put him on earth, and then make him interested in me-- I'd be married."
I don't think he quite understood. It seem so difficult to find someone with enough creativity to "make everyday an adventure", as Jon states. Or to organize and plan for the future while enjoying perfect moderation of doing whats right with a perfect sense of humor. Can it be done? It has just watch Brenden. Add some kindness, concern, and a friendly conversation for just about everyone around you along with some height and you'd be getting closer to Kimbalies husband. Mix in an honest opinion, and the strongest most direct testimony and the truth of the matter is even Keith would approve of this man. But does he exist? Mom told me that in order to get this type of guy you have to be this type of person. Sometimes honestly its hard not to act like a boy since they do the asking out and the planning out a date. So I've tried to sit back and wait for Mr. Right to come along, doing what I can to be that person. I always heard about my brothers dates and how awesome it was to plan these dates that were crazy, original, and fun. So the girly-est thing i could come up with to letting someone know that your interested without asking them on a date was this:
This guy seemed to be having a bad week/month.....

Contents include: 1 plate white macadamia, 1 plate butterscotch, 1 plate chocolate chip, 1 air horn, 2 transformer kites, 1 giant milk glass, 1 Mr. Deeds, 1 Pack of Crunch and Munch. Note inside: "Hey! Noticed you've been a little down lately...."

Maybe he'll get the picture......

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Beginning

Ok! So I've finally found something to write about. Yep finally....ta da... Health! Yep that's right. So Lon, Jon, and Brenden can officially roll their eyes, hit the back button, and just go eat worms. To you Shauna I raise my glass since your probably the only person that will even check this anymore because I haven't written in SOO long!

Alright it all began one day when Shaunalee told me to look up this site called Underground At first I wanted to roll my eyes thinking this was a ridiculous activist talking trying to sell me something but I was to impressed by the knowledge of Sean Croxton, not only did he seem like he knew what he was taking about he could site everything he quoted! All his facts had books behind them, web addresses, or people that you could easily Google! Try to ask that of a fad dieter. How many people can back themselves up with them 70 years of research with more than 7 doctors to support them.

Well to sum up the main motto of this site is " FIND THE ROOT CAUSE". Yep that's right everything that's ailing us today is the symptom of some malfunction in the body. You may all be saying "du!". But try to tell that to some one on Zoloft or Prilosec! Doctors these days are simply treating the symptoms alone and later finding out at age 45 that their patients have a disease or cancer!

Isn't it strange that obesity has almost doubled between 1980 and 2006! (Check this at ) On top of that Why do we have such a need for all the vitamins and medications! I mean didn't God put those here readily available for us to get though the goodness of his own creations? Or do we have to depend on all of these company's to breakdown and separate minerals and vitamins because our bodies that God gave us can't break them down well enough? Its a whole market of money.

Now in position of the opposing, vitamins do have their place, for those people who are deficient in nutrients due to a lack in whole foods or for healing the body. In all Science has brought us a long way we now know the components of our food and how our body utilizes amino acids, proteins, fiber, carbohydrates, sugars, vitamins, and minerals.

My only question is this: Shouldn't our food be full of these already? It's obvious that these vitamins are now essential to us now because of all the refining processes our food must go through in order to be preservable, or to taste better, or to look better. But look at the effects of these "refining processes" on the people you pass in the streets, or at the mall, or in your home or even on yourself! Stored fat is not healthy!

So how did I get started on all of this? Well firstly I've been trying to get off sugar for a long time. Mind you it hasn't been easy. It wasn't like I woke up one day and said, "I'm never eating sugar again!" On the contrary. I would try for a day then mess up. Then I would try to get someone to do a bet with me to see who could go the longest. And when one of us would give in we both gave in. Then it went to Goals of If i can go one week without sugar then on Sunday I can have something. So me and my roommate would plan something packed with sugar for our reward on Sundays. Only to wake up Monday morning with a hangover! And that's when it started to hit me! I'd get a huge headache the next morning because of sugar! I started looking at all the ingredients in the food I was eating. To my surprise almost 80% of them had some type of sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

Does anyone realize that the food companies realize we are addicted to sugar! That's why it is in so much of our food! Americans are addicted to sugar! Get this, University of Iowa "Sugar addiction can lead to obesity, dental problems and malnutrition; after illegal drugs, tobacco and alcohol, sugar is the most damaging addictive substance consumed." To find out more about what it does visit: (

So now when i See sugar its really not a temptation for me. I know what it does to my system. It's addictive, It gives me headaches if i don't have it, It gives me a high...It's a Drug and it's against my religion!

Try it! I dare you...all you have to fear is the loss of mood swings, unhealthy food cravings, better sleep, better digestion, better health.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Samuel the Girl?

So the other day I was walking up the stairs to the wellness center as a kind looking old woman waddled down the stairs step by step. Passing her she stopped me, "You know who you look like?!" ....A movie star, I was hoping....

"My Grandson!"

..........And what should i say to that? As she continued,

"They all say he is to pretty to be a boy! Seeing you walk up the stairs I almost yelled 'Samuel!' but then i realized you were a big GIRL!" .....

And so my roommates call me Samuel.....Despite all i have to say this--Samuel must be gorgeous! hahaha ;D

MY BROTHER AND SISTER (in-law) ARE HAVING A BOY! O I'm so excited! Its just a crazy feeling to know I'm going to be an aunt! Its going to be so cool to watch Brenden and Nikki raise a kid! Its been wonderful to see my sister raise two amazing sons! From the mothers point of view I realize how tuff it is to be a mom. Watching my sister has been pretty amazing. Now I get a chance to see it from a Dads perspective a lil. Like its super exciting experiencing my brother as a DAD! I cant wait to watch this! (No pressure Brenden). Its just really interesting to see how my siblings are applying what they learned from Mom and Dad. I'm super lucky to be the last kid because I get to stand back and watch all this. I'm so excited! LoL so Congratulations Brenden and Nikki! I love you both and are such examples and I can't wait to see how this one plays out!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love is not in my Zodiac!

So this semester I was required to take a lab science, two months ago looking at the long list of lab sciences to take I did not think that an Astronomy would have anything in it besides really intelligent people. Reluctantly I signed up not knowing the outcome. So I walked in the first day of my Astronomy Lab. The first 8 hour class began great, to my surprise Jared was in my lab and many of my friends. We all brought food and were snacking and learning from the most amazing Mr. Morris. (Who made it a point to ask me if I was related to Lon Saline *hehe* 8D ) In our eating we politely offered some of our food to a lonely boy glued to his ipod and his freshly opened monster. We left at 12 tired and ready for bed.

The next evening night we walked into find a ton of candy and food provided by the mysterious monster addict. Sean promptly invited us to partake of his feast of sugar and preservatives. During the class Mr. Morris asked us all to divide into groups. Strait away Sean points directly at me and declares " Your in my group." Awkward pause.... I explained that unfortunately I was already in a group with my brother and my friend Adam.


So we all come stumbling in to get ready to freeze off our fingers and look for some stars that we cant even locate yet let alone sketch them. We got out to the black hills to begin our study of the sky -8 inches at a time. Sean promptly jumps out of the car and sets up a chair with a brand new blanket in it. "Here," he says, " I overheard that you forgot your blanket and I brought you a chair." The whole class saw this! "Thanks a ton!....So Adam where is Orions Belt?" The night ended with our minds full of wonder about the clockwork of our solar system and the Galaxy's around us. (Truly their is a God!) The class ended promptly at 12 and as i was walking out i forgot i still had the blanket of Seans. I returned it to him "Hey here's your blanket, thank you so much it really helped out!"
"O yeah, no problem. Hey Joy Lynn, have you ever been to walmart and randomly bought something?"
"O Well I was in walmart and I bought this giant stuffed frog. Do you want it?"
"........" The whole class Watching....
"I cant do anything with it. Do you want it?"
"O i'm ok thanks though. Heres your blanket."
"Oh no that's yours Joy Lynn, You EARNED it."
"Oh no thanks i couldn't do that."
"No I want you to have it"...whole class watching more intently.
"oh ok thanks."
"But on one condition. you take the frog"....
So in my embarrassment and desire to get the situation over with.....
I currently have a giant frog sitting in my house.

The next night Sean asked me out in front of all my friends! I told him "I have a boyfriend( lie lie lie) I don't think he would be to happy about that. Thanks for the complement though."

He stormed off and the last think of all my friend calls me to inform me that Seans' facebook status says " Sean just got rejected by the most inspirational girl and cannot sleep because he thinks he is going to spend the rest of his life alone because he hasn't had a date in three months!"

And so it is my conclusion that Love is not in my Zodiac, but hey we saw a comet!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hello Everyone! This is my first BLOG! YEA! So this semester has been basically amazing so far. My new roommates are just wonderful--I swear we prayed each other together. I couldn't have asked for anyone better to live with. I'll hopefully have a post with them in it soon :D. So this week has been pretty busy but equally exciting with the fall sing. I had the opportunity to hang some of my art work in the foyer of the EAC auditorium. It was exciting to watch people look at my work. Its pretty incredible watching someone gaze at something that you created, something that wasn't there before. Its like helping someone see the invisible. On top of that I get to paint a giant Gila monster in this ladies office soon, and my shirt designs for the EAC Rowdy Reptile shirts went through administration so those will be going on the shirts. Which leads me to yet another thing.
So I walk into "Patties" office (the student government advisor) and I show her my designs and before I could escape she's like "I'm sorry, what was your name?" I'm thinking 'oh no'....."Joy Lynn Saline," and at that she went off. "Your Jon and Lon's little sister aren't you!?! Oh I love them!! They were so involved in Student Government" Now everywhere I go it seems like this lady makes it a point to say hello to me. Gee thanks family. LoL its kewl actually. Thanks Jon and Lon.
Ok so I was thinking about something for this Christmas. Like its kinda kewl to try new things for Christmas. Well since all of us are in a pinch this year I was thinking it would be kewl to make a book like Nikki made Mom that one year of everything that happened this year. Everyone could make their own page about this year. Also I was thinking we could just give each other gifts we made. Like no store bought stuff, small simple homemade stuff instead of general gift buying strait from the store. And maybe everyone bring a recipe of something absolutely delicious they discovered this year and we could all make it together on our "off Christmas day"...since last year we were all together on Christmas day this year we could get together on another day instead. Hold everything off untill we all get there. Just a thought. Yeah so let me know what you think.
Well I miss you all~I love your blogs. Hope everything is going well. Loves,

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